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In Raasco we strive to develop a creative, fun, and extraordinary team which creates simple and powerful solutions that offer joy and ease of use to our users while solving their problems.

We work hard with lots of optimism, constantly improving our knowledge and approach to provide the best solution for our customers.

To us, Raasco means hard work, growth, and success.


AnjamMidam is an Iranian online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as “kareh”, beginning at a cost of $3 per job performed.

AnjamMidam is primarily used by freelancers to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those services.


GoodCo is a career community that is changing the way people find jobs, and companies recruit top talents. People can build their online resume and look for the job they love, while companies can build their exclusive page and advertise their job positions.

GoodCo strives to help Iranians have higher levels of job satisfaction and qualities of work-life.

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